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Frequently Asked Questions:

Q: Are your batteries genuine?
A: Yes, absolutely. This is our promise and guarantee to our customers and clientele. Our price may not always be the lowest, but we guarantee the cells to be 100% genuine.


Q: Why is there a label on the battery I received?
A: We often import battery shipments via air freight. The sticker, which discloses the voltage and capacity of the cell, is required by IATA safety regulations as well as US Customs. Because OEM cells do not have this information printed on the cell by the manufacturer, it is added by the exporter for shipping compliance. Sometimes this sticker will cover the OEM information - if you peel it off, you will see the OEM printing below. Sometimes the glue on the sticker will degrade or pull off some of the printed ink- this is quite normal. Rest assured the cell is authentic, this is only used for shipping compliance and has nothing to do with authenticity.


Q: What is the best battery?
A: This is a very subjective question and it depends on what your needs and usage are. Please see our list of recommended 18650 cells.


Q: I see on the OEM LG/Samsung box a grade rank of B/C/D/etc, does this mean the cells are not top quality?
A: No, this is actually a common misconception. All cells we offer are of the highest quality (Grade A). However, after the cells are manufactured they must be ranked/grouped by voltage and internal resistance. For the purpose of battery packs, which sometimes consist of dozens of cells, all the cells in the pack must be almost identical in performance otherwise there may be a failure in the pack. In this case, one bad apple can indeed ruin the bunch. For this reason the cells are sorted/graded by resistance and voltage. Rest assured this grouping/ranking has nothing to do with quality.


Q: How can your prices be so low?
A: Because we have established relationships in this industry and we buy and sell in such large quantities, we are able to provide huge savings to our customers. It is simply economies of scale.


Q: Why should I switch to IMRbatteries? I already have a good supplier.
A: Price and quality are the most valued tenets of a product. We supply the highest quality products at the lowest possible pricing. We think you'll find our bulk pricing is often the same or better than pricing you currently receive from your supplier. We also ship incredibly quickly - delivery is typically a few days vs a few weeks from overseas suppliers.


Q: Do you drop ship from a third party?
A: No, we do not drop ship any products. All products you see with the quantities listed are physically located in our Houston warehouse. We do, however, offer drop shipping for our wholesale clientele.


Q: Do you offer wholesale pricing?
A: Yes, to receive wholesale pricing simply follow the steps here.


Q: Do you offer bulk pricing for large quantities?
A: Yes, for most products we offer a bulk discount per item. This is shown on the item page under the add-to-cart button. The bulk price will automatically be calculated in your shopping cart for the applicable quantity chosen.


Q: How do I track my order?
A: If you have a registered account, you will see the status of your order in your account details. However, if you placed an order as a guest, our cart will respect your choice and neither create an account for you nor track the status. All customers regardless of account status will receive automated emails such as the receipt and tracking number.