warning Misusing or mishandling a lithium-ion battery may cause a FIRE or EXPLOSION which can result in INJURY or DEATH. 
You MUST read the safety warnings and resources before purchasing, using, and/or handling batteries.

FREE Cases & Wraps

Customers will receive a FREE carrying case with a purchase of batteries! Please see the table below.

Battery Size

Quantity Required Per Category To Receive Free Case

Maximum Number of Cases Per Type Per OrderCase Type
14500 4 10 14500
16340 4 10 16340
18350 2 10 18350
18500 2 10 18500
18650 2 10 18650
20650 2 10 20700
20700 2 10 20700
21700 2 10 20700
26650 2 5 26650

Customers will also receive pre-cut battery wraps gratis with a purchase of a pair of 18mm, 20mm, 21mm or 26mm width cells. Maximum 2 wraps per type per order. 

*** Restrictions:

There is a maximum number of cases per case type, please see the chart above. Color or style of case may vary. Please understand we cannot oblige requests for specific colors.

Maximum number of wraps per type per order is 2. Free battery wrap sizes are only provided for: 18650, 20700, 21700, and 26650 battery sizes at this time. 18650 size will need to be trimmed to fit 18350 / 18490 / 18500 batteries. 26650 size will need to be trimmed to fit 26500 batteries.

Certain cells from Efest, IMREN, MXJO, etc already come with a branded case and these products are exempt from this policy and will always come with a case if ordered in pairs. There is no case limit for these items.

Mindful of the high cost of shipping, free cases or wraps which are damaged in transit cannot be replaced. We apologize in advance for any inconvenience this may cause.

Free cases and wraps are included as a courtesy only and have no actual cash value if they are missing, incorrect, or damaged. Free cases and wraps may not be included for bulk or wholesale purchases.