warning Misusing or mishandling a lithium-ion battery may cause a FIRE or EXPLOSION which can result in INJURY or DEATH. 
You MUST read the safety warnings and resources before purchasing, using, and/or handling batteries.


Efest SLIM K4 4 Channel Battery Charger

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,Width: ,Height: ,Depth:



check_circle 18650

check_circle 20700/21700

What’s cool:

  • LED Indicator - USB powered for convenience ... (5V 2A), Type-C USB port
  • Charging Mode: CC & CV
  • Ultra-compatible with variety of 3.6V/3.7V lithium batteries
  • Auto-detect charging current: 2x1.0A/1x1.0A/4x0.5A/3x0.5A
  • Automatically stops when charging is complete and prevents batteries from being over-charged
  • Features reverse polarity protection if you accidentally insert a battery the wrong way
  • 3 year warranty through Efest

Compatible with:

  • 3.6V/3.7V Lithium Ion IMR Batteries – 10440, 14500, 16340, 17340, 18350, 18490, 18500, 18650, 20700, 21700, 26500, 26650

Technical stuff:

  • Input – AC 100V-240V 50/60Hz or DC 5V 2A
  • Output – 4.2V +/-.05V

What’s in the box:

  • Efest SLIM K4 LED battery charger
  • USB cable
  • User Manual and Warranty Card
  • Scratch-off validation serial number

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