Nitecore CARBO 20000 Ultra Lightweight Power Bank - 20,000mAh

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The Nitecore Carbo 20,000 Power Bank is the embodiment of power, reliability, and versatility. This premium portable charger is engineered to fuel your devices with an extraordinary 20,000mAh battery capacity, ensuring you stay connected and fully charged no matter where your adventures take you.

Massive Capacity, Endless Energy: With a staggering 20,000mAh capacity, the Nitecore Carbo 20,000 can charge your devices multiple times over, providing the energy boost you need for extended trips, outdoor excursions, or simply to keep your devices powered throughout your busy day.

Lightning-Fast Charging: Experience the future of charging with Quick Charge 4.0 and Power Delivery (PD) technology. The Nitecore Carbo 20,000 Power Bank delivers blazing-fast charging speeds, ensuring your devices are ready to go in record time. Say goodbye to waiting and hello to productivity.

Rugged Durability and Modern Design: Built to withstand the elements, this power bank boasts a robust construction that can handle the toughest conditions. Its carbon-fiber texture not only provides an elegant and modern aesthetic but also enhances durability, ensuring it can keep up with your active lifestyle.

Versatile Charging Options: Equipped with USB-A and USB-C output ports, the Nitecore Carbo 20,000 Power Bank offers versatile compatibility with a wide range of devices. From smartphones and tablets to laptops and action cameras, it can power them all, making it your one-stop charging solution.

Smart Protection Features: Safety always comes first. The power bank incorporates intelligent safeguards against overcharging, over-discharging, overcurrent, and short circuits, providing peace of mind for both your devices and the power bank itself.

LED Display: Stay in the know about your power bank's status with the integrated LCD display. It shows real-time information on the remaining battery capacity and charging status, keeping you informed at a glance.

Portable Powerhouse: Despite its impressive capacity, the Nitecore Carbo 20,000 remains compact and highly portable. Slip it into your bag, backpack, or pocket, and you'll have a reliable energy source ready to keep you connected and powered up during your travels.

For adventurers, tech enthusiasts, and anyone who demands top-tier charging performance, the Nitecore Carbo 20,000 Power Bank is the ultimate companion. Experience the convenience of limitless power and rapid charging on the go. Never be without power again; choose the Nitecore Carbo 20,000 and seize control of your charging needs. Stay powered up, stay connected, and embrace the limitless possibilities with Nitecore.


  • Cell: Li-ion
  • Capacity: 20,000mAh 3.85V (77Wh)
  • Input: USB-C: 5V 2.4A / 9V 2A
  • Output 1: USB-C: 5V 3A / 9V 2.22A / 12V 1.68A -- USB-A: 5V 3A / 9V 2A / 12V 1.5A>/li>
  • Dual Ports: 5V 3A (MAX)
  • Dimensions: 124mm × 59mm × 21mm (4.8” × 2.36” × 0.86”)
  • Weight: 10.42oz

What's in the Box:

  • Nitecore Carbo 20000 Energy Brick (Power Bank)
  • USB-C charging cable
  • Warranty Card
  • Multi-language User Manual